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Barney is an experienced Event Planner, Social Activist and Cancer Awareness Advocate committed to enhancing lives one action at a time. He is a connector who enjoys bringing people together and serving his community. Barney strives to promote or intervene in social and political issues with the desire to initiate change in the community for the greater good.


His passion and personal experiences with philanthropic events for cancer awareness drive him to find innovative ways to increase consciousness of its many forms. For Barney, cancer awareness is more than a story, it’s what he has lived as a caregiver. As an accomplished Event Planner, he is an expert at translating his rapport with clients into personalized and creative designs with incredible attention to detail, organization, and professionalism. An active member of the event planning industry, Barney has been recognized by such organizations and venues as The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Center, The Atlanta History Center, The Waldorf Astoria Atlanta, Voyage ATL magazine, and Modern Luxury Magazine for his extraordinary commitment to his community and event detail.




Every Color Matters Cancer Awareness Organization began under the leadership of Barney's godfather, Pastor Eddie F. Thomas. At that time, it was not established as a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Rather, it was an annual breast cancer awareness walk named after his godfather.


Following his untimely death in 2011, Barney was compelled to not only continue the great work happening in his community, but also endeavored to improve upon the existing program. After losing his godfather to Colon Cancer in 2011, biological father to Kidney Cancer in 2014, god-brother to Brain Cancer in 2017 and his stepfather to Lung Cancer in 2017, Barney simply had to find a way to bring greater awareness to all forms of cancer and find a way to assist families battling this disease just as he had many times over. - excerpt from Voyage ATL

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